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Homepage Image Entitled, *"E Pluribus Unum Series

La Corona De Vida, Covered By The Blood Of The Lamb"*

The concepts behind my artwork are personal and mostly have to with family and self investigation. The work is also based on specific situations that have happened in my life. Like the time, a State Trooper told me, “How surprised he was, that I spoke English without a Mexican accent.”
My approach to working with clay is easily defined, it is experimental, colourful and spiced with a little bit of tradition, While adding some elements of the unexpected or non-ceramic materials. My construction techniques that allow my works to come to life, are based on my intuitive nature and understanding of ceramics.

As an educator I believe that one, "should be able to do it all." By, "doing it all," I mean that, I should be able to work with all types of processes within the ceramic media. This concept is very important to my teaching philosophy, I would love my students to have the confidence in me; that I can help them in any situation; because I have done it or tried it all. I do not mean to say that, "I have all the answers." As an educator, research and asking is questions is the best way to learn and teach those discoveries to my students. My passion for the material, my experiences in working with clay and my fearlessness in experimentation are my best teaching tools.

I feel that, as an educator, it's important to show my whole entire portfolio, instead of my current works. This idea lets those see who I really am...a maker, experimenter, painter and teacher. My portfolio(s) include works created using clay; which include works by my student's at all educational levels. My portfolio includes works from my High School, Community College, Undergraduate and Graduate Careers. My portfolio also consist of works that I created during my Art Education Program.